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Pneumatic 1:65 Grease Pump

Assalub's "well emptied" and environmentally friendly grease pump is designed to empty grease kegs and drums almost completely. The air driven pump is mounted onto the follower plate, so that the weight and vibration of the pump assembly push down on the grease level as the follower plate drops along with the grease level. A conventional pump results in 10-20% of lost grease, but the Assalub grease pump empies the drum virtually completely.

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  • Application

    • Virtually loss free emptying of grease pails, kegs or drums using a highly reliable pneumatic pump
  • Features

    • "Well emptied" grease pump saves money by ensuring that maximum volume of grease is dispensed
    • Environmentally friendly design minimizes wasted grease
    • Pneumatic 1:65 pump generates ample delivery pressure for demanding applications
    • Pump position gives clear and immediate indication of grease level in drum
  • Options

    • Limit switch and holder for automatic or semi-automatic operation
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Technical Specifications

Capacity (approx.)

2.65 lb/min (1,200 grams/min)

Grease outlet pressure

7,450 psi (520 bar) with 116 psi air supply

Grease outlet connection

1/4" NPT

Grease return inlet

Plugged tube fitting (12mm)

Air supply pressure, min-max

43.5 - 145 psi (3 - 10 bar)

Air supply connection

1/4" NPT

Pump tube diameter

2" (50mm)


Anodized aluminum, tempered and stainless steel, brass and plastic

Seal materia

Nitrile rubber

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