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Es-Trac Optical Sheet Break and Felt Guide Systems

Es-Trac optical non-contact sheet break and felt guide systems are leading edge monitoring and control systems utilizing pulsed infrared light for measurement. All systems include an optical sensor head, a control cabinet, and an armored fiber optic cable to connect the sensor head to the control cabinet.

Es-Trac systems are built for rugged industrial applications with high quality brand name components. The sensor head and Nema-4X control cabinet are SS316. Continuous glass fiber-optic cables in 10, 23 and 31 foot lengths are protected by SS316 braided teflon flex hose. Specially designed clamps, cross clamps, or adjustable tilting base complete the packages, making Es-Trac a world class solution for industrial customers.

Es-Trac 1000 Sheet Break DetectorEs-Trac 1000 Sheet Break Detector
Es-Trac 1000 optical non-contact sheet break systems provide reliable break detection based on reflection of modulated infrared light. The compact optical sensor head can be installed in tight locations, up to 31 feet away from the control cabinet outside the process area.
Es-Trac 2000 Felt Guide SystemEs-Trac 2000 Felt Guide System
Customers have reported double the felt life using the Es-Trac 2000 optical non-contact felt guide systems. Systems ship complete with sensor head, shielded fiber optic cable, and control cabinet for roll actuators.
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